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Lake City School holds American History Brain Bowl


North Florida Arts & Sciences Academy held their first annual “American History Brain Bowl” competition on November 3rd, 2020 – election day. The purpose was to instill extensive knowledge of our country’s history, heritage, and greatness.

Students were given a study guide and intense instruction about the founding fathers, Declaration of Independence, and Constitution in the weeks leading up to the contest. The school-wide test consisted of 40 multiple choice and 60 fill-in-the-blank questions. The end results were “amazing” according to Dr. Tony Buzzella, the school principal.

“We were surprised, initially, to find how little our students actually knew about how the United States was created and why. After weeks of preparation including pop quizzes and clues put up in classrooms and throughout the school, the students began to really learn our history and develop a sense of American Pride,” Buzzella said.

The competition was divided into 4 categories: High School (grades 9-12), Middle School (6-8), Upper Elementary (4-5), and Lower Elementary (K-3). Each group winner received a brand new 1-oz. American Silver Dollar. The winners were: High School (a tie) – William Vunk and Becky Vunk; Middle School – Bella Yunes; Upper Elementary – Angelina Yunes and Lower Elementary (a tie) – Izaak Taylor and Izabella Roberts.

North Florida Academy is located in the heart of Lake City, Florida and has been operating as a Private School since 2014. The Academy provides a rigorous academic program using an arts-infused curriculum, stressing personal responsibility and high moral expectations.

In addition to exceeding the State Academic Standards, North Florida Academy provides instruction in Music, Art, Drama, and Dance. It also has a working farm, complete with chickens, goats, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

For more information about North Florida Arts & Sciences Academy, call: 386-628-1606, email: administration@noflasa, or visit us online:

L-R: William Vunk, Ms. Hill, Becky Vunk -Photo: Submitted

L-R: Bella Yunes, Mr. Ratz -Photo: Submitted

L-R: Angelina Yunes, Mrs. Yunes -Photo: Submitted

L-R: Izaak Taylor, Mrs. Dubi, Izabella Roberts -Photo: Submitted