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Save the Cats of Live Oak needs volunteers

The Save the Cats of Live Oak organization is looking for volunteers that can help one or two days a week with various needs, from carpenters to website builders to volunteers that will help feed cats in feral colonies all over Suwannee County.

The organization has made a huge difference in the stray and feral cat population in Suwannee County during the few short months they have been in existence. They have saved 100’s of cats and kittens and had approximately 200 spayed and neutered to date.

The organization began with their first meeting in February of 2012. They started out with 12 people and in 2 weeks grew to 18. They organized and elected a president, a vice president, a treasurer and secretary.

Their main goal is to trap, spay/neuter and return the feral cats to their colony. They started feeding the cats behind store buildings in downtown Live Oak and behind Walmart. They found dozens of pregnant females that were friendly so they decided to concentrate on saving the momma’s and kittens. Once they did, they picked up approximately 15 - 20 pregnant females and started raising the kittens. In the meantime, they began trapping stray and feral cats having them spayed and neutered and returned to their colonies, however, they found that most of the cats they were trapping were friendly, stray, homeless cats and didn’t want to put them back in a dangerous situation so they ended up with approximately 150 cats they feed and take care of. They have adopted out many of the kittens and cats but have more available if anyone is looking for a fluffy, furry bundle of joy, stop by Big Wheel Marketplace at their new location, 217 W. Howard Street in Live Oak, they have all ages, sizes and colors, all are healthy, spayed and neutered.

What they have found is that the feral females are having kittens too often. They don’t have enough milk to feed the newborns so they abandon them and become pregnant soon after and it becomes a vicious cycle. They are looking for volunteers to help trap and transport the cats to the vet to have them spayed and neutered, in cages of course.

Barney Everett feeding some stray/feral cats at the site of one of the colonies.
-Photo: Sherry Everett

Save the Cats is working on getting a 501c3 designation so they can get grants, start a food bank and take donations with tax deductible receipts. They also have donation jars at various businesses throughout Live Oak.

Some of the things they desperately need are donations of food for the kittens - wet & dry, adult cat food - wet and dry, litter (clumping) such as Tidy Cats litter, towels, blankets, totes with tops that can be used as shelters from rain and cold. They need building supplies, lumber, 1“ x 2” welded wire, screening, food bowls, bleach, large pens (cages). They are also looking for carpenters who could volunteer their time to build some cat condos (freestanding shelters) for strays and ferals to get in out of the rain and cold and give them somewhere to sleep.

You may have seen their Aluminum Drink Can recycle trailer located in various places around town. Currently the trailer is parked at the Dairy Queen parking lot in Live Oak. They also have large plastic tubs for food donations that say ‘Save the Cats of Live Oak’ on them. The food tubs are located at Big Wheel Market Place, 217 W. Howard Street, Winn Dixie, Fred’s, Dollar General and at Tractor Supply in Live Oak and Lake City.

They are also looking for someone to volunteer to set up and maintain a website so they can get pictures and information online.

Anyone interested in volunteering to help with this worthy cause can call Barney or Sherry Everett at 386-364-1006, or stop by Big Wheel Marketplace in their new location at 217 W. Howard Street in Live Oak for more information (look for the white antique big wheel bicycle in the front window of their store).