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64 Yr Old Woman Defends Herself Against Home Invader

According to Lake City Police reports, on the evening of October 21, 2012, at approximately 9:20 p.m., a known felon who, instead of being imprisoned, was put on probation by the State of Florida on July 11, 2012 for previous charges of burglary, battery and sexual assault until July 2019, invaded the home of Jill Stucker, 64, in Lake City. Reports say Stucker was home watching television when the suspect, Milton L. Barber, Jr., 26, broke into her residence through the bedroom window. When making entry into the house, the suspect cut himself on the glass window when crawling in. Stucker heard the glass break and armed herself with a handgun and started to exit through the back door of her residence.
As she tried to flee her residence, Barber began chasing her out of the house. While fleeing from the intruder, her neighbors heard her screaming for help, yelling,
“Help! Help! Help! Help, me please.”
As she began running toward the road, she stopped and saw the intruder was still chasing her. She fired one shot at him, striking him once in the chest. Barber fled out the backyard over a wooden
fence, dropping blood on the fence and fled down the sidewalk leaving a blood trail. Barber collapsed on the doorstep of Chad Dunn, on N.E. Bradley Terrace, who was applying pressure to the gunshot wound when officers arrived.
Barber was treated on-scene by Lifeguard EMS and transported to Shand’s of
Gainesville for surgery. At this time, Barber is listed in critical condition. The crime
scene was turned over to FDLE for investigation.
During the Lake City Police Department initial on-scene investigation, officers found
several checks belonging to Deas, Bullard Properties, on the
sidewalk when tracing Barber’s blood trail and one check inside Jill Stucker’s
residence. These checks were previously reported stolen by Deas, Bullard Properties
when officers responded to a burglar alarm at 8:33 p.m. the same evening, just 50
minutes prior to the home invasion. It is being investigated to determine Barber’s

CHARGED: Milton Lee Barber, Jr.
Race/Sex: Black / Male
Date of Birth: 10/12/1986
Address: 946 N.E. Jenkins Lane, Lake City, FL
Charges: Charges pending