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General Election -
Historical voter turnout

Ron DeSantis wins race for governor

Ron DeSantis wins Governor race. -Courtesy Photo

Ashley Moody wins Attorney General race

Ashley Moody wins Attorney General. -Courtesy Photo

Chuck Brannan wins State Rep. D-10

Chuck Brannan wins State Representative, District 10.
-Courtesy Photo

By Tami Stevenson

It was an historical night as voters turned out in record numbers to vote in the general election, November 6, 2018, all over the nation. Florida was no exception with many counties reporting more than 70 percent voter turnout.

The gubernatorial and senate races were neck and neck throughout the evening. Shortly after 11 p.m. Andrew Gillum conceded the race for governor to Ron DeSantis. DeSantis had approximately 77,000 more votes at the time than Gillum.

DeSantis said during a speech that as governor he, along with Nunez, will make sure Florida stays a low tax state and wanted to let everyone know Florida will remain open for new business.

The Senate race between Rick Scott and Bill Nelson remained only one percentage point or less between them with Scott managing to keep the lead throughout the night. Finally, Scott took the win over incumbent Bill Nelson.

Shortly before midnight, Scott was confident of a win and gave a somewhat emotional speech.

Wanting to make one point very clear he said,

“Socialism will not happen in our nation and it will not happen under my watch,” as the crowd cheered.

Locally, Chuck Brannan (R) won State Representative, District 10, with more than 72 percent of the vote. The seat held formerly by Elizabeth Porter.

In Columbia County (61.91 percent voter turnout), Narragansett “Narrie” Smith won School Board District 1 by only 36 votes over Danny Green. School Board District 5, Stephanie Finnell won over Hunter Peeler by 563 votes. Santa Fe Soil and Water Conservation District, Group 4, Richard James Crusaw won with over 75 percent of the vote.

In Suwannee County (62.71 percent voter turnout), Ronnie Lawson won over Jordan Bosserman for Suwannee County Conservation District, Group 4, with 2,278 more votes.

In Hamilton County (59.4 percent voter turnout), Josh Smith won County Commissioner District 2 by 188 votes.

In Madison County (64.73 percent voter turnout), Alfred Martin won County Commissioner District 4 over Mike Dowdy by only 155 votes. Madison Soil and Water Conservation District, Group 2, was won by Margie Foust McLeod with more than 60 percent of the vote.

The U.S. Representative in Congress, District 2 race showed Neal Dunn (R) kept his seat with a huge lead of more than 30 percentage points over Bob Rackleff (Suwannee and Columbia).

Al Lawson (D) won the U.S. Representative in Congress, District 5 race (Hamilton and Madison).

The Attorney General race was won by Ashley Moody (R) with around seven percentage points over Sean Shaw (D).

Jimmy Patronis (R) will remain the Chief Financial Officer with more than a four percent lead over Jeremy Ring (D) at press time.

The Commissioner of Agriculture showed Matt Caldwell (R) in the lead with less than half a percentage point over Nikki Fried (D) at press time.

All of the Amendments passed with the exception of Amendment 1. It had only 58.1 percent of the vote and Amendments require 60 percent to pass.