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Elderly Man found with no electricity and no food - CCSO lends a helping hand

Submitted by Thomas W. Brazil
911 Manager / 911 Coordinator Columbia County

Last Thursday the Columbia County 911 Center received call from the sister of an elderly man, who lives alone in Columbia County. The caller was requesting a well-being check on her brother, as she had not heard from him in some time and was concerned due to the recent cold weather. The sister advised that her brother only had a space heater in his house to keep warm. The sister, who lives out of state, was very concerned due to the recent very cold nighttime temperatures.

Dispatch requested Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy Rodriguez respond to the man’s residence and it was soon determined that his power had apparently been disconnected, due to a past due bill. The elderly man had no way to pay his bill due to his phone also being turned off, and is unable to drive.

The deputy and dispatch subsequently made contact with Florida Power and Light and arrangements were made to get the elderly man’s power restored. However, due to the power being off for some time, the gentleman had lost all of the food in his refrigerator to spoilage. The deputy took it upon herself to purchase some food items and take back to the man. In addition, the 911 Communications Center also wanted to help, so the on-duty dispatchers and one off-duty dispatcher got together and purchased groceries and a hot meal from the local Cracker Barrel for the man that Deputy Rodriguez delivered. The elderly man now has food for several days, and was very grateful for the assistance and concern of the Deputy and Dispatchers involved.

This elderly man does not have any family or friends in the area.