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City of Live Oak Regular Monthly Council Meeting
Tuesday October 10, 2017 5:30 P.M.

Notice: Speakers from the audience will be allowed to speak on items listed within this agenda following recognition by the Council President and must speak from the podium. Please fill out a public comment form, which is located at the rear of the meeting room, prior to the start of the meeting. Comments will be limited to 3 minutes each, so all who wish to speak will be provided an opportunity

Meeting called to order

Invocation followed by Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag

1) Approval of the September 5th council workshop, September 19th rescheduled regular council meeting and the October 3rd special called council meeting minutes

2) Mayor Garth R. Nobles, Jr. – Matters of the City

  A. Presentation of Proclamation declaring October 2017 as “Community   Planning Month” in Live Oak

 B. Council action pertaining to the reappointment of Billy Williams to the Suwannee County Historical Commission for a three-year term, effective September 30, 2017

 C. “Forest Work Week”, Mr. Paul Williams Suwannee County Forestry Service

3) City Council

 A. Discussion with possible council action, contract for services with B.W. Helvenston & Son insurance agency (Thomas)

 B. Discussion regarding amending the City’s water leak policy (Thomas)
 C. Discussion on Government-Business forum on economic opportunity in the City of Live Oak (Davis)

4) City Manager, Ron Williams

 A. Employee recognition

 B. Discussion with possible council action, approval of changes to section (7.11, 10.01, 10.07 and 10.08) of the Personnel Policy Manual

 C. Discussion with possible Council action, Resolution 17-09, a resolution removing a prior designated property from the surplus property list, as previously designated via resolution no 14-06; designating said property, and adjacent city property for parks and recreation purposes; and directing city staff to proceed with a future land use amendment to said lands to be designated and classified as recreation and open space on the future land use plan map

 D. Discussion with Council action, First Reading of Ordinance 1413, an ordinance of the City of Live Oak, Florida, pertaining to the existing community redevelopment area and plan; wholly amending and replacing the existing City of Live Oak Community Redevelopment Plan 2039

1) Public Comments (comments limited to 3 minutes)

Meeting adjournment