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City of Live Oak
Code Enforcement Hearing Agenda

At Live Oak City Hall

Thursday March 30, 2017 5:00 P.M.

Submitted by John W. Gill, CMC City Clerk, City of Live Oak, FL (386) 362-2276

Hearing called to order
Swearing in of all witnesses
Cases to be heard:

Non-Compliance Case Review(s)

1. Case No. 15-272
Blumenthal Properties,LLC
Location of Violation: 308 Richardson Ave. SW

2. Case Nos. 15-328
Tony & Shannon Poppell
Location of Violation(s): 511 Stephens St. SW

3. Case Nos. 15-362
Thita Wood
Location of Violation (s): 818 Liberty St.

4. Case Nos. 15-300
Blumenthal Properties, LLC
Location of Violation(s): 846 5th St. SW

5. Case Nos. 15-241
Brenda K. Beasley
Location of Violation (s): 903 5th St. SW

6. Case Nos. 15-358
Jennifer Williams
Location of Violation (s): 1210 Pine Ave. SW.

7. Case Nos. 15-329
Curtis Thomas
Location of Violation(s): 1405 8th St. SW

Code Board Magistrate
Lauren Paulk, Attorney

• Andy Townsend, Code Officer
• David Young, Building Inspector
• George Curtis, Development Manager
• Chad Croft, Fire Chief
• John Gill, City Clerk
• Fred Koberlein, City Attorney