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UPDATE: C-SPAN AIR TIME CHANGE, KrisAnne Hall's local presentation on State Sovereignty to air Feb. 19th @ 7pm ET, Feb. 20 @ 11am ET on C-SPAN2, according to Nik Raval, the shows producer.

KrisAnne Hall speaking about state sovereignty. -SVT Photo by Tami Stevenson


Government overreach
-Solutions exist in the Constitution

KrisAnne Hall’s local presentation on State Sovereignty to air on C-SPAN this weekend

By Tami Stevenson

The North Central Florida Tea Party hosted a Constitutional presentation to nearly 70 people on state sovereignty last Thursday in Lake City at the Jackie Taylor building by local resident KrisAnne Hall. C-SPAN had a table set up on the far end of the room with two computers and other equipment to monitor the filming while a camera was set up in the front and back of the room to film with another camera man walking around taking close ups and still shots as Hall taught about executive and state authority, how the states are meant to be sovereign and are meant to hold the checks and balances over the federal government.

It was reported that C-SPAN wanted to film Hall after a story appeared in the Washington Post on November 6, 2016, about a presentation she gave in Minnesota to more than 250 people. She began six years ago spreading her message to anyone that would listen and in the beginning the groups were small. The Washington Post wrote: “... But in this era of Donald Trump, her message fits the moment and her popularity has exploded.”

Today, Hall travels the country giving 265 presentations a year at conventions and universities to politicians, doctors, lawyers, law enforcement agencies and the general public teaching about the foundation laid by the framers of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, all they encompass, and how it is still legally binding today. She has written a number of books and has a podcast/radio show that airs six days a week. One of those is broadcast as a television show on the LifeStyle channel. The slogan on her radio show is “Liberty over security, principal over party and truth over your favorite personality.”

Before the presentation began Hall told the Suwannee Valley Times when asked how she felt about C-SPAN filming the event,

“I think this is pretty exciting, because we have a bi-partisan discussion on executive and state authority. With C-SPAN covering this presentation, we have an opportunity to bring essential truth to a wide spectrum of people, so I’m very excited about that.” KrissAnne and husband, Chris Hall, both said it is nice to be home among friends, even if it is just for a short time.

During the presentation she said the most frequently asked question is, “What do we do about our out-of-control government?” She answered, “If we had been teaching the Constitution properly over the last 150 years, we would know what to do. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel, we don’t have to find solutions because the solutions exist in the Constitution.” She taught that the solution to getting the federal government under control lies within the states. She said, according to the Constitution, the states must fulfill their obligation as a proper check and balance. When the checks and balances are not functioning, the only thing that can control chaos is a rod of iron. “Our framers gave us the greatest gift, the opportunity to self-govern. Our greatest condemnation today, is our refusal to self-govern. Everything is in place, we must simply be dedicated to exercise our checks and balances.”

One example she gave on how to correctly keep government overreach at bay is our legislators. They create house and senate bills, such as Texas Senate Bill 514, that is an interstate compact for border security and refugee resettlement. Hall stated, that it does not supersede federal authority; it is not taking a power from the federal government and it is ensuring that the state is in compliance with proper federal law. “That is one of the remedies we have in asserting our authority,” Hall said.

And quoted Samuel Adams who said, “No people will tamely surrender their liberties nor be easily subdued when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the contrary, when people become universally ignorant and debauched in their manners, they will sink underneath their own weight without the aide of foreign invaders.”

Hall stated that to become an effective champion for liberty, our rights and limited government, “...You must yourselves first get educated. So you will notice when your rights are being taken away. We cannot defend our rights if we don’t know what they are.”

She said, “Right now there is a 77 year old man, a veteran, who served our country, in federal prison right now in Colorado, because he built a stock pond on his land, with the permission of the state, with the direction of the Army Core of Engineers, but the EPA prosecuted him anyway for violating the Clean Air Act. Even though the Clean Air Act has a section that exempts stock ponds from their jurisdiction.”

She continued, “We have an Amish farmer in federal prison because he made a salve out of chickweed. We have a disabled US Vet who has had his civil rights stripped from him by a federal judge for following state law. We have dairy farmers in Indiana being harassed for having raw milk and cheese. We have political prisoners in Oregon and Nevada because they took the bold and audacious step of peacefully protesting federal government overreach into their land.”

She asked the audience, “So, do you think our federal government is still out of control?” Yes! Many enthusiastically stated.

“...Your land your food your medicine, everything being controlled by the federal government.”
Hall said, “If the government is regulating what you make, where you live and how you live, regulating your food, your medicine and the ideas that you have, than you are not free on any level, state, local or federal.” Instead of Sovereign States we have become more like colonies, needing the permission from the federal government for everything. Our framers created a constitutional republic and not a democracy and the states are meant to be sovereign.

According to C-SPAN producer Nik Raval, the show will air this weekend on C-SPAN2/Book TV: Feb 18th at 9pm ET, Feb 19th at 4pm ET and Feb 20th at 11am ET

KrisAnne Hall is an attorney and former prosecutor, a disabled Army veteran, a Russian linguist, a bio-chemist, a pastor’s wife and a patriot born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. More information about Hall’s educational work, books and presentations can be found at