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Live Oak CRA meeting agenda for November 22

Submitted by John Gill

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 5:30 PM, or shortly thereafter
City Hall Council Room, 101 White Ave SE, Live Oak, FL

1) Meeting called to order.

2) Welcoming of New CRA Board Member – Bruce Tillman.

3) Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes – CRA Regular Board Meeting Minutes from October 25, 2016. Motion needed to accept as presented, or to accept with corrections as noted.

4) Discussion and Board Action concerning the re-appropriation of budgeted funds from Property and Land Acquisition to CRA Promotions, for enhancements to the Portable Restroom Trailer (wrap & additional signage) and any other identifiable promotion opportunities. (Kim Smiley / George Curtis)

5) Discussion and Board Action pertaining to Maple St Right-of-Way, Stormwater and Landscaping design and construction for a CRA street project. (George Curtis / Kim Smiley)

6) Discussion and Board Action pertaining to the establishment of a CRA policy for use of the Portable Restroom Trailer, “within the CRA District” if use is requested by other organizations. (Kim Smiley / George Curtis)

7) Discussion and Board Direction regarding the Hoffman & Gilmore property. (Keith Mixon)

8) Any other CRA business or discussion, motion to adjourn meeting.