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Robbers Sentenced, Rapist Receives Life

Submitted by Mike Lee, Public Information Officer for LCPD

Lake City, Fla., – LCPD: On Monday 10/24/16, the five individuals convicted of breaking into a woman’s home, robbing her of her belongings, and then sexually battering her, were all sentenced at the Columbia County Courthouse. Three of the suspects, Anthony Allen (3-9-99), Devontray Simmons (3/27/2000), and Alexander Doughty (8/2/95), pled guilty to home-invasion robbery. They were not involved in the sexual battery, according to the investigation, and were cooperative witnesses in the other two trials. As a result, they received sentences of 3 years prison followed by 10 years of probation.

Donold Robinson (9/17/97), who initially requested a jury trial, had a change of heart and pled guilty to both home-invasion Robbery and Sexual Battery, and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Christian Woody (8/22/97), who is believed to have been the mastermind behind this crime, was convicted by a jury of Home Invasion Robbery While Armed, and Sexual Battery While Armed. He was convicted today to two “Life” sentences.

All five were sentenced today and then remanded to the Florida Department of Corrections to carry out their sentences.

“This is a good day for justice,” said Lake City Police Chief Argatha Gilmore. “Everyone involved in this crime will be going to prison, and those responsible for sexually assaulting this victim will not have the opportunity to commit another crime in Lake City for a long time.”

Both Robinson and Woody will also have to register as Sex Predators, a status that will remain even after their release from prison